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Specialty Massages


Chair Massage

If you just need a tune up, chair massage is the answer! Focus is on the neck, back and shoulders.

Sessions are available for 

30 or 45 minutes.

Take a seat in a specially designed massage chair and let the stress just roll right off your 


30 minutes - $35.00

45 minutes - $50.00


Hot Rock Back Massage

Do you want to add the benefit of heat to really relax your aching back? This back massage uses smooth river rocks that are heated and used to warm up the muscles, ease tension and loosen knots

45 Minutes - $70.00


Chill Pill Aromatherapy Massage

A peaceful and relaxing massage with the addition of essential oils.

Lavender and chamomile will help take your massage to the next level of relaxation.

60 minutes - $80.00

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